2 weeks in – Post baby bod.

Okay gals, I am two weeks in to my challenge to get my old body back (well, as much as I can) and hopefully be back to 130-135 lbs. I don’t know how much the rest of you momma’s gained being pregnant, but I gained over 60 lbs. Not cool.

Well, I am officially 4 lbs down and look so much healthier. I didn’t get to go to the gym everyday, but butt days were my favorite. I don’t know why, but I have always loved a good butt workout. You know it was good when it hurts to sit on the toilet to pee the next day. And let’s face it, what mom doesn’t want a good booty, that is one thing I lost after I had Benson that I always had. Depressing if you ask me.

My stomach has for sure slimmed down though and my clothes are fitting so much better. I fit into one of my pre-pregnancy jeans this week without having to dance to a Taylor Swift song to get into them. I did dance after though. I just feel good about the way it is going. I won’t lie, the first week I lost 0, zero, zilch, nada. It sucked. I was happy I didn’t gain though. Nothing worse than trying super hard and doing everything right just to see no results ughhhh. Stay in there momma’s, it will come.

Worst day ever though – Abs. Holyyyy crap. Abs used to be my favorite workout. Nope, not anymore. I was breathing like a dying cow and at Snap Fitness, where I go, I’m in this little glass box that everyone can see in. They were probably all on their machines watching me laughing as I am in there literally dying on the floor taking breaks every couple seconds. I felt like I did in college when you have a long night drinking with friends and you tell yourself you’re never going to drink again. Yeah, that was me. Laying on the floor, dying, breathing like a horse, and telling myself -“Alyssa, you’re never doing abs again, okay? Okay!”

Here’s to more long nights, sore mornings, awkward walks into the office where I am waddling, and those painful squats trying to sit on the toilet to pee. Let’s get that bod back.


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