1st birthday stress.

Seriously, how did my mom ever plan a birthday for me? I feel like the stress of having this first birthday perfect is overtaking my body. This is one of the most important birthdays with the larger attendances for parties I might add. I don’t even think I am going to have friends of the family come, because with just family we will be well over 30-35 people and that is overwhelming enough.

The theme is Lumberjack : )

So far this is what I have gotten accomplished…

1 – Booked a hall. 

Let’s face it, I live in a small house with two adults, two children, and two dogs. Not enough room for 35 people. So now we don’t have to battle dogs, have more room for children to run, and we’re not sitting on top of each other. Thank goodness for that because some family events are just awkward. Especially when multiple sides are coming.

2. I ordered shirts. 

Yes, plural. I’m most excited about this probably. If you haven’t used the App, Wish, you should. It’s basically an app where you can buy super cheap things (usually all from China, so expect delay in shipping and lesser quality). If you’ve never used the app before – READ THE REVIEWS TO EVERYTHING. A lot of the time the reviews will also show pictures of the product that people received which is helpful. I have purchase 3 shirts off it. One for Benson and one for both Luke and I. We just got the shirts for Luke and I in the mail today and I am in love. We got matching Mama Bear and Papa Bear Shirts. Seriously, they are the softest and cutest thing ever. And they were only five bucks each.

3. I bought plates, cups, and table covers.

I ordered these super cute plates that look like wood or logs which fit the theme, plaid cups, and wooden looking table covers for some of the tables. The other ones I am just going to get from dollar tree and snag some red and black to match all the plaid. I ordered them from the site Birthday Direct, which was sold out of a lot but still was pretty good priced.

4. Photo booth props. 

I was shopping the other week at the mall and snagged a sweet deal at Khols. They had all their Christmas and gag gifts on clearance in the Men’s Department. Of those was an awesome lumberjack/beards photo booth set I scored for $4. With one of the wooden table cloth’s I bought I am going to tape it onto the wall as a backdrop to use for a mini photo booth for the guests. So excited for that.

5. Ordered the CAKES.

The cakes will be so cute thanks to Pintrest. We will have a stump with an axe in it that is plaid on the inside, if the baker can manage the task, and we will have a mini bear cake for Benson for his cake smash. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.


I ‘pinned’ so many things on a board that I will hopefully be able to re-create. His birthday is a little over a month away and I still have lots of planning. I won’t be getting invites off Etsy like I originally planned because I just feel like its extra money I can put towards food and other items that are more important. So I will be designing or using something else for those.


Ahhhhh, let the stress begin. Enjoy the picture from Benson : )


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