Get to know our big ham.

Meet Jaxon, he is turning 3 next month and is obsessed with Daniel the Tiger, books, mandarin oranges, and smiling. I have never met a child that smiles more than Jaxon. Jaxon is currently a mute, we are trying to get him to talk – I swear I heard him say mom twice last week so maybe we are progressing. Even though he doesn’t talk, he is the sweetest child and understands what you are saying. He has always been a single child until Benson and I moved in, so now we are learning to share, play with each other, and share a bedroom without waking the other brother up. Its been a challenge for both. When Jaxon is not running and playing with Benson, he is jumping up and down watching Daniel the Tiger or grilling out on his play set with Luke.

Jaxon also has a very strict diet, because he has a throat irritation to certain foods the pediatrician has him on an elimination diet. We start him at nothing and slowly give him foods back as they don’t cause irritation. We currently are at fruits, veggies, and meats without soy. So as you watch me post meal ideas a lot of them will be geared towards his diet as we get foods back. Any parents that have children with food allergies, we sympathize for you.



Jaxon started daycare yesterday and school today! We couldn’t be more thrilled, nervous, and excited for him all at the same time. This will be the first time he is really socialized with other children, he will be seeing speech therapist’s a lot more often, and he will be on a schedule. He is a very routine child thankfully. These next couple months I know we will see strides in behavior, speech, learning, playing with children, and everything else. I am so excited!

Out with the terrible two’s, in with PRE-SCHOOL!


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