The Journey – Post Baby Bod

As I write this, I am starring at the clock. Dreading getting ready to go to the gym for the first time since Benson. Yes, about 7 months late, but better late than never. I’m sure I am not the only mom to dread this and to postpone it as far as possible. When I got pregnant with Benson everyone told me that having a baby COMPLETELY changes your body (Yes, they emphasized) and I thought to myself “Ahhhh, not me I have a great body, I’m young and fit, I’ll get right back.” Boy was I wrong. I got the hips the size of freaking Jupiter and my stretch marks make it look like I had a baby with Spider Man. I’m 23! And here I am again looking at the clock. I have to leave in 25 mins and I’m sitting here almost nervous about it. I haven’t been to the gym in a really long time, what do I do first. How do I get rid of these tree trunk thighs, what about this protruding baby pouch I have now, and will the skin stay loose? I’m sitting here rambling these thoughts around waiting for my boyfriends sister to text me she’s home from work and we can go. Not to mention, shes beautiful, skinny, really doesn’t need to work out and I am over here eating a quesadilla, watching Gilmore Girls, and trying to get Benson to sleep. IT’S 11:13pm AND HE IS STILL AWAKE, THIS CHILD NEVER SLEEPS. My goal is at least 10lbs down from now by his 1st birthday in February. I should be able to do it and I will feel a lot better about myself. Luke tells me I am beautiful every day, but I feel so gross – I just want my body back.

Here’s to getting that sexy bod back.

P.S. I will not post my before picture, but if I get some good results I’m sure a transformation will show up eventually.


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