The Kitchen Remodel

So many of us see all of these pins on Pintrest and want to do something in the home, up-cycle a piece of furniture, learn to sew awesome bibs, or even craft with mason jars, but how many of these do we really attempt and succeed at them. Well, I have attempted many, failed at some, and found a new project thanks to my boyfriends lack of taste in decorating his house and my awesome Pintrest feed.

Let me tell you about the house prior to me moving in. EVERYTHING WAS WHITE WALLS AND NOTHING ON THE WALLS BUT A WEIRD SHELF WITH CANDLES. I don’t know about you, but I cannot take a completely white house. I need color in my life. So before I moved in we painted the master bedroom blue, the kid’s room grey, and the living room red. Now since we have a small home we have two rooms left – the kitchen/dining room and the bathroom. I decided we would save the kitchen for a winter project since we can do it all inside. So we will be redoing the cabinets ‘Espresso’ with this kit I stumbled upon on Pintrest, painting the walls a beige color, re-painting the trim white because its currently an ugly beige color, and hopefully adding a back splash.

I will be posting progress updates, the struggle it was to probably do it, the mess the kid’s made while we were doing it, how well the kit worked for us, and posting the end result. I’m so excited to do my FIRST remodel project. This will be a trial run for us for when we buy our next home we’re talking about.

Stay tuned….


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