Let them be wild.

Welcome to my journey of motherhood, projects, and my hectic life...


Welcome to a little glimpse of my life. I want to start with a little bit about myself and this crazy life I am welcoming you into. I am 23 year old and a momma to Benson (almost a year), my pride, joy, and new energy to my life. I live in a small town in Mid/West Michigan where there are more deer than people with my boyfriend, Luke (27), and his wild and sweet son, Jaxon (3). I work 45 hours a week and go to college still, trying my hardest to finish this darn Bachelors degree of Business Administration and Marketing. I also have two dogs, Miley and Lucky – they are both 5. My life in one word – insane.

As a new mom, I welcome you to struggle through these rough days with me, watch me redo our home and buy and new one (most likely redo that one too), try new recipes that are liked by the whole family, and learn to become more thrifty and crafty. I mean, isn’t it a mom’s duty to learn to be both of those things.